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You Asked... We Answered

This one is as simple as it gets, you asked and we answered...

Q: What are the Do's and Dont's when buying a home?


1. Stop making or be late on your mortgage, rent, auto or any other payments.

2. Co-sign. Buy or lease an auto.

3. Move assets from one bank account to another.

4. Change jobs if you can help it.

5. Buy new furniture or major appliances for your "new home".

6. Run a credit report on yourself or have anyone pull your credit (except your lender)

7. Attempt to consolidate bills before speaking with your lender.

8. Pack or ship information needed for the loan application.


Ask you lender before making any financial decisions or moves regardless of how insignificant you may think it could be.

*Courtesy of Stacie Shone at Guild Mortgage Company: (702) 430-4747*

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