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The Start that Stops here...

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

By Russell Unruh - Founder

Lao-Tzu said, "... A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

John Maxwell said, "Success is a journey, not a destination."

You can then combine the two and create,

"The success journey begins with a single step."

That is what stops most first time home buyers...that first step. And that little step is what might keep us from fulfilling our dreams. By taking that first step you will be on your way to homeownership!

Now I realize there may be some pain involved but there are two types of pain. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. YOU have to chose which you would rather live with.

When we take that first step of discipline, you may also experience the pain of sacrifice and hard work. But if we don't attack our dreams we WILL experience the pain of regret. The regret of not doing what we should do and of not achieving our home ownership goals and dreams. The sole regret of not crafting the beginning of financial security for you and your family.

With discipline success is also guaranteed where we can also move far away from regret.

Start today, take that first step torwards discipline and stay away from the pain of regret. Begin your success journey today with a single step!

"All Glory comes from Daring to Begin..."

- Eugene Ware

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